Exploring America’s National Parks

One of the best ways to see the sheer size and incredible diversity of the US landscape is to explore its national parks. The country has 58 national parks, each showcasing the unique natural beauty of the region they’re in.

Here’s just a glimpse at what’s waiting for you in America’s National Parks:

Arches National Park – Utah

Arches National Park, UtahThough Utah is best known for its large Mormon population and its famous Salt Lake, the incredible sandstone arches located near the Eastern city of Moab also give the state its unique identity. While enjoying these majestic natural structures, you can also lookout for local wildlife, which includes species of red fox, bighorn sheep, peregrine falcon and mountain lion.

Glacier National Park – Montana

One of the most stunningly beautiful examples of Montana’s pristine natural landscape is Glacier National Park, where vibrant blue lakes shimmer next to snow-capped mountains and lush green forests. For a truly harrowing experience, travel up the park’s famous ‘Going-to-the-Sun Road’, an extremely narrow roadway that winds upward to some of the best viewpoints in Montana.

Everglades National Park – Florida

Unique in both its culture and its landscape, you can witness Florida’s subtropical wetlands in this incredible natural reserve. The Everglades National Park features a range of ecosystems, from Cypress swamps to coastal prairies. It has a rich history as well, with several Native American tribes – most notably the Seminoles – having once called it home.

Denali National Park – Alaska

Home to the highest mountain in North America, Mt. McKinley, this park and nature preserve offers you a true taste of the Alaskan wilderness. The park is home to populations of grizzly bears, black bears, caribou and grey wolves, among other arctic wildlife. Though the park is most famous for its mountineering, you can also enjoy dog-sledding or snowmobiling during your visit.

Death Valley National Park – Nevada/California

Experience the dry, desert lands of the Great Basin with a visit to this iconic US National Park. From deep canyons to rippling sand dunes and creased salt-flats, Death Valley is certainly one of the most interesting  geological regions in the country. Though the daylight hours are ideal for moutainbiking, hiking and four-wheeling, Death Valley at night time offers some of the best stargazing you’ll probably ever experience in your life.

Of course, this is only a selection of the many brilliant US National Parks that you can explore on your visit to North America. A popular way to see the parks is to incorporate them into a regional road trip, and you can plan your route based on whichever park you most want to visit.

What US National Park do you most want to visit? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.