Skiing in Colorado didn’t start yesterday – it is a sport that has been there for ages, and has served many purposes apart from being a recreational exercise. If you are a passionate skier, Colorado is the place to be.

An interesting fact to note is that many people, including the most experienced Colorado Skiers do not know some interesting facts about skiing in this destination. Below are a few of these facts.


Skiing in Colorado was militarized during World War II

Did you know this happened? Alpine and mountain combat training was offered by the US Military at Camp Hale. The group trained here was known as the 10th Mountain Division, which was intensively trained on how to conduct operations and carry heavy weapons on skis at an elevation of 9,000 feet and above. This prepared the troops for an array of missions inside the Italian Alps.

Skiing in Colorado is possible all through the year

Interesting, huh? If you thought that skiing is only possible when the earth is covered in snow, think again. Technology has made it possible to blow and store snow at the Copper Training Facility; thus skiing classes are carried out all year round.

In this place, you will find tons of mats, ramps, and massive foam pits that will prevent skiing freestylers from getting intensely rusty in the off-season.

Skiing in Colorado enables you to dine higher

When you go skiing in Colorado, expect to dine in the clouds at the Alpino Vino, which is the highest restaurant in America.  It rests 11, 966 feet from the ground and you will only access it through skiing, chairlifts, snow cats, and gondolas. If you want to dine in this top-rated place, expect to pay a price for it, therefore, be prepared.

Most winter Olympians are based in Colorado

This is not much of a surprise, but world-class winter Olympians thrive in Colorado. Factually, over 70 winter renowned winter Olympics athletes have called Steamboat Springs Home at some point in their lives.

Skiing in Colorado never started as a weekend getaway

Most people believe that skiing was invented as a sport, and was done especially during the weekends for people who needed to escape from the hassles of the city. This is not true. The true fact is that skiing was invented by early settlers who used it as a way of going round the deep powder during the snowy season of the year. This was actually a mode of transport used by these settlers, and they never knew that it would one day be treated as a sport.

Passionate skiers cannot ignore Colorado

Skiing in Colorado is too popular such that many skiers around the world cannot turn a blind eye on it. According to research, over 16 million skiers pay a visit to this city; hence it is not just an ordinary city in America, it is a place full of fun, and a destination where skiers get to sharpen their profession.

Whether you are a skier or not, skiing in Colorado is an event you should strive to experience first-hand at one point in your life.