The world’s most romantic holiday destinations

You’ve just tied the knot the man or woman of your dreams, the bouquet has been tossed to the to the eagerly awaiting scrum of singletons, and now you’re off to one of the most romantic places in the world with the most important person in your life.

Setting the right foot forward when you decide where to go will really have no bearing on the long road together, but if you’re going to do it once you might as well do it properly.

Here are some of the world’s most romantic destinations:

Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

Four Seasons Resort, Bora BoraFrench Polynesia in the South Pacific epitomises the stereotypical dream of the exotic island getaway. Volcanic mountains covered in lush rainforests, and a lagoon that should be right out of a shampoo commercial, Bora Bora is probably the most beautiful of all the South Pacific islands. All year round the average temperatures are between 25-30 degrees, so no matter when you have your wedding,  honeymoons are guaranteed to be warm, balmy and in the lap of absolute luxury. If that’s not enough to convince you, the Four Seasons Resort was voted the number one romantic hotel in the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards 2012.

Poipu, Hawaii

Poipu, HawaiiThe Island of Kauai is the most northerly of the Hawaiian chain, and will be an experience to enlighten the senses. It is sometimes referred to as the “Garden Isle” with its tropical forests, winding rivers and cascading waterfalls and over 50 miles of beaches. Some parts of the island are only accessible from the sea or air so you’ll definitely get that sense of true idyllic isolation while you stare longingly into each other’s eyes under the coconut trees. Poipu is on the South Shore where the beaches have been voted the best in the USA.

Royal Davui Island Resort, Fiji

Also making it onto the Tripadvisor top ten list was this luxury resort in Fiji. Located in the Beqa lagoon, this tiny island sanctuary offers the kind of intimacy you can’t find in a large resort. With just 10 acres of lush green landscape and only 16 villas to choose from privacy and seclusion are number one here. Visitors here may have to pinch themselves to make sure it’s not a dream.

Mariaggi’s Theme Suites Hotel, Canada

In the heart of Winnipeg near Lake Manitoba, this hotel will give you an unforgettable world-wide experience with its luxury tropically themes rooms such as Africa-Safari with its intricate stonework jacuzzi, ivory white steam shower, and intricately handcrafted artwork and statues from Nairobi and Kenya. The ultimate romantic setting is the Rome room containing an oversized green jacuzzi under a canopy of grape vines; or maybe you’d prefer the Japan-Samurai penthouse with its elegant statues and flowering trees bringing out the Zen.

No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find the perfect destination for a honeymoon you’ll never forget.

What are your most romantic holiday destinations? Let us know!