Skiing in Colorado didn’t start yesterday – it is a sport that has been there for ages, and has served many purposes apart from being a recreational exercise. If you are a passionate skier, Colorado is the place to be.

An interesting fact to note is that many people, including the most experienced Colorado Skiers do not know some interesting facts about skiing in this destination. Below are a few of these facts.


Skiing in Colorado was militarized during World War II

Did you know this happened? Alpine and mountain combat training was offered by the US Military at Camp Hale. The group trained here was known as the 10th Mountain Division, which was intensively trained on how to conduct operations and carry heavy weapons on skis at an elevation of 9,000 feet and above. This prepared the troops for an array of missions inside the Italian Alps.

Skiing in Colorado is possible all through the year

Interesting, huh? If you thought that skiing is only possible when the earth is covered in snow, think again. Technology has made it possible to blow and store snow at the Copper Training Facility; thus skiing classes are carried out all year round.

In this place, you will find tons of mats, ramps, and massive foam pits that will prevent skiing freestylers from getting intensely rusty in the off-season.

Skiing in Colorado enables you to dine higher

When you go skiing in Colorado, expect to dine in the clouds at the Alpino Vino, which is the highest restaurant in America.  It rests 11, 966 feet from the ground and you will only access it through skiing, chairlifts, snow cats, and gondolas. If you want to dine in this top-rated place, expect to pay a price for it, therefore, be prepared.

Most winter Olympians are based in Colorado

This is not much of a surprise, but world-class winter Olympians thrive in Colorado. Factually, over 70 winter renowned winter Olympics athletes have called Steamboat Springs Home at some point in their lives.

Skiing in Colorado never started as a weekend getaway

Most people believe that skiing was invented as a sport, and was done especially during the weekends for people who needed to escape from the hassles of the city. This is not true. The true fact is that skiing was invented by early settlers who used it as a way of going round the deep powder during the snowy season of the year. This was actually a mode of transport used by these settlers, and they never knew that it would one day be treated as a sport.

Passionate skiers cannot ignore Colorado

Skiing in Colorado is too popular such that many skiers around the world cannot turn a blind eye on it. According to research, over 16 million skiers pay a visit to this city; hence it is not just an ordinary city in America, it is a place full of fun, and a destination where skiers get to sharpen their profession.

Whether you are a skier or not, skiing in Colorado is an event you should strive to experience first-hand at one point in your life.

Road trip essentials

road tripHere’s an interesting fact for you – people love road trips. It’s true. Especially where I come from, in the US of A.  We love a good road trip.

Yes, long commutes are terrible when they’re to and from work and holiday traffic is a headache when you’re crammed onto the motorway with a bajillion other poor schmucks, BUT road trips are a completely different animal.

You see, road trips aren’t so much about the destination as they are about the journey – oooh, metaphor for life? Indeed.

So, if you’re planning a road trip this year (perhaps a drive to the Scottish highlands, a trip through French wine country or a jaunt along England’s southern coast), then take note of these road trip essentials:


Food on a road trip is a must. Why? Because sandwiches from service stations are soggy, and you know it. Instead, pack some of this delicious stuff, such as:

  • salted almonds
  • a small, lunch bag-sized cooler with chilled bottles of water and cans of diet coke (or whatever beverage you prefer)
  • apples and grapes, because you have to peel oranges and dried fruit might make you gassy (just something I’ve heard)


Groovy tunes are essential to any road trip. Though you might be tempted to fill your playlist with all your fave jams, consider sticking to the road trip theme. For example:

  • ‘King of the Road’ – Roger Miller
  • ‘Ramblin’ Man’ – The Allman Brothers
  • ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’ – Fleetwood Mac
  • ‘I Drove All Night’  – Roy Orbison or Celine Dion, whatev!
  • ‘Jump in my Car’ – The Hoff
  • ‘Drive My Car’ – The Beatles
  • ‘Hit the Road Jack’ – Ray Charles
  • ‘On the Road Again’ – Willie Nelson

Also, podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to mix it up when you’re sick of making conversation  and/or you get to the end of your playlist.


Games are a great way to pass the time and get to know your fellow road trippers. These are three of my favourite games to play in the car (notice that ‘I Spy’ is not one of them):

  • The license plate game

If you’re travelling through the US, take note of each state license plate you spot and try to get all 50 (Hawaii is always a tough one!).

  • 20 questions

An oldie, but a goodie, 20 questions is the one where you pick  a person, place or thing (or an “animal, vegetable or mineral” if you’re my Mom) and make everyone else try to guess who/where/what it is within 20 yes-or-no questions.

  • Same Name Pub Game

If you could go to the pub with any four people in the world (dead or currently living), who would they be? Oh, one catch – they all have to have the same name. For example: George Best, King George, Boy George and George Foreman. Fun game. Hours of entertainment.

Pit Stops

Before you take off, plan some pit stops to enjoy along the way. If you’re travelling through the UK, why not have lunch at England’s oldest pub? A cross-country US road trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the world’s largest ball of twine. If you’re driving through Europe, take a gander at the world’s largest coffee pot, located in Selb, Germany.

First Aid Kit

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your first aid kit, but it’s still a good idea to have one anyway. Though cloth bandages, cotton swaps and those tiny medical scissors probably serve some purpose, painkillers and plasters are what really comes in handy.

So, there you have it – snacks, music, games, pit stops and a first aid kit. Now you’re ready to hit the road!

What would be your ideal road trip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Garage Door Opener Repair Tips

garage door repairAccording to 24hourlocksmithatlanta.org a garage door opener is actually divided up into a couple different components. There is the actual garage door opener that resides at the top, attached to the beams above, that actually is powered by electricity. By pressing either the button that is near the door leading into the home, or using your remote, each time that you press the button, it will activate the device causing it to go up or down. The easiest problems to fix are typically associated with the remote controller, almost always being a dead battery problem. It is also possible that it could have been dropped, causing it to fail when you attempt to use it. However, if neither the button at the door, or the handheld remote, is allowing the door to move at all, it is likely the garage door opener itself which is experiencing problems. Here are a few garage door opener tips that you can use to discern what is going on with yours.

Different Types Of Garage Door Openers

There are so many different companies that make garage door openers, it’s hard to believe. Companies like Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Sommer all make state-of-the-art equipment that is designed for both efficiency and safety. Some of them are designed with keyless entries, and also provide you with multiple remotes. Others will allow you to use rolling codes, and also encrypted radio signals so that criminals cannot break-in. The top models tend to have multiple lights for maximum visibility, a light delay, and a control panel so that you can try to affect repairs. All of these can have problems, and here are a few of the most common ones.

Garage Door Opener Tips For Common Problems

There are three very common problems with garage door openers that can cause it to malfunction. The first is that the electricity is not powering their garage door, usually the result of it being unplugged or the circuit breaker has been tripped. The second reason is that the wiring for the garage door opener has been compromised in some way. It may have shorted out as a result of an electrical surge, or it could simply be old enough to begin to malfunction. The other problem is associated with the motor, and if it is not causing the chain or cables to rotate, it’s not going to move. If that is the case, it may need to be replaced in order to resolve the issue. Other problems include the belt breaking, or becoming loose, or the chain doing the same. Most of them have multiple parts that can break down internally, some of which can be repaired, whereas others will simply require you to completely replace the unit.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Opener Problems

If you have noticed that your garage door opener is misaligned, or bent, this could definitely be causing problems with opening and closing it. If you notice that the lights did not blink, which is very common on most of these units, this could mean that the opener is not functional at all. As mentioned before, the battery could be bad, but it may also have to do with your keypad. If you are opening this with your cell phone, the application may also be malfunctioning, and any of these problems can be resolved by a professional garage door repair company. Other things to fix or replace include the wall switch and wires, or replace the receiver on the garage door opener itself. You could be sending a signal, but if it is not receiving it, it is simply not going to function no matter how many times you press the button.

These are just a few garage door opener tips that you can consider when trying to figure out why her garage door is not opening or closing. It can be problematic, so much so that you may have to call a professional into diagnose what the problem actually is. They will also be able to determine what is wrong much more quickly than you will, and will more than likely have the parts and tools with them that can resolve the problem. Either way, these simple tips will show you to where the problem actually lies, allowing you to either fix it yourself or call in the garage door repair company to complete the repairs for you.

These guys have also recently written a great article on the dangers of leaving your windows open at night during the hot summers. Check out their great tips by clicking on the following article link: Atlanta Locksmith Warns Residents About The Dangers Of Leaving Windows Open At Night During Summer.

Repair Of Car Locks? Leave It To The Professionals

car lockIf you have ever researched car repair online, the chances are that you literally found thousands of articles and videos on how to do it yourself. One of the things that those articles or videos told you to do is probably to remove the inside door panel. Except if you are into auto mechanics heavily, that is quite a scary thought.

Another thing the articles or videos may tell you is that your dealer probably does not have the part you require and that you may have to get it at the local salvage yard. Obviously, the salvage yard may pull the part for a small fee. However, it still conjures up images of walking through rows of dead cars looking for one with a similar make and model to yours so that you can yank of the part that you require.

The reality is that for most people, car lock repair is not a do-it-yourself activity and is something best left to the professionals. The lock repair professionals understand exactly what they are doing. It is far easier to call a car locksmith who can probably solve the problem in as little as 10 minutes as opposed to fumbling around and trying to get the door panel back in place once you have taken it off. The alternative is driving around with the door panel in the back seat until you find a mechanic friend to put it back for you.

In case you break your key off in the lock, you will find numerous articles and videos online all explaining in detail how you can extract the broken portion of the key using a jigsaw blade, hacksaw blade, and dental pick. Once you are successful in getting all of these stuck in the key alongside the broken lock, you can embarrassingly explain to the car locksmith why your car door resembles something like a malfunctioning inspector gadget.

The reality is that most of the people are not that into do-it-yourself repairs on their own vehicles. They would rather pay for someone else to do it properly than to risk the extra damage they might do. This is perfectly fine. In the end, they will probably be saving money anyway.

Finally, the next time those Do It Yourself car lock repair videos, or articles tempt you to think about the consequences, look up the number of our local locksmith, and make the call!